7 Questions to Ask Your Window Installer in Pompano Beach, FL

Hiring the right contractor or installer is the key to getting the windows your home needs and saving money in the future. You should speak to multiple companies to get an idea of their qualifications and what to expect. Let’s review some smart questions to ask window installers in Pompano Beach, FL.

1. Do You Have Any Past References?

Though you can discover a lot about a company based on its reviews, you don’t know how many are accurate or even if the reviewer actually hired them. Ask the installer if they have any references or former clients you can talk to about their experiences. Even if they don’t have a reference letter, they should feel comfortable letting you talk to a past client.

2. How Much Will the Job Cost?

Window installation includes different fees for the windows, any parts or supplies the job requires and the labor. When you ask for a quote, make sure it includes everything you need. This helps you avoid any hidden or unexpected fees.

When you call for a quote, ask if the quote is free, too. A good installer will come out for an in-home consultation, which lets them go over your options, measure your windows and recommend the right products. Some installers offer quotes but charge for the services, while others offer free consultations.

3. What Type of Windows Can You Install?

This is an important question because it helps you find the right person for the job. If you want architectural windows, such as a bay window, you don’t want someone who is only familiar with replacement sash windows. The odds of them making a mistake and breaking the glass or damaging the opening are too high.

4. Will You Keep My Home Safe?

Don’t hesitate to ask the installer if they will keep your home safe and protect it because it can save you some frustrations. Replacing your windows is a messy job that leaves behind construction dust and debris. A good installer will be open about the steps they take to secure your home.

The steps they take range from covering the windows until they complete the installation to covering the floors and any nearby furniture. Include the clean-up process in this question. You want someone who will remove any excess materials, take their equipment with them and leave your home looking as good as it did when they arrived.

5. Do You Understand Local Codes and Ordinances?

Pompano Beach has local codes and ordinances that cover window installation, such as the type of windows allowed and the permits needed. The installer must know how to obtain a permit and meet the requirements to get one. The city will not allow an unregistered contractor to get a permit.

6. How Does Payment Work?

Replacing a single window or all of your home’s windows is a costly project, but you can save yourself some hardship when you ask how the payment works. Find out how much you need to pay before the project starts and when all other future payments are due. Many installers accept a partial payment upfront and the rest upon completion, but some ask for the total amount upfront or regular payments as they complete the work.

7. Are you Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Window installers in Florida must possess bonding and insurance to meet the minimum requirement. Bonding means the contractor has a guarantor who covers any financial losses while having insurance serves as extra protection if anything goes wrong. You may want to find out what steps you need to take to file an insurance claim if a worker damages something in your home.

Asking these simple questions is the best way to find a good window installer who can do the job properly the first time. Save time looking for a local company in Pompano Beach, FL by contacting South Florida Windows & Doors to set up a replacement window consultation.

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