4 Signs Your Business Needs New Doors in Pompano Beach, FL

The doors of your Pompano Beach business make its first impression on clients and customers. If you’ve had your doors in place for a while and notice any of the issues below, consider investing in new doors for your commercial space.

1. Warped Doors

If your door starts bending or warping out of shape, it might be time to replace it. Temperature changes and high humidity are major causes of warping, which causes a door to contract or expand.

A warped door sometimes doesn’t close all the way, or it might stick when you try to open it. Visible bowing of your door frames might also signify warp doors.

2. Drafty Doors

Another common problem with commercial doors is a poor fit. Poorly fitted doors allow drafts or light to seep through them.

Anywhere light can escape — around, under or between door corners — air can escape as well. To avoid extra heating bills, it’s advisable to replace your doors.

3. Doors With Visible Cracks and Dents

Visible cracks on your doors, whether manual or automatic, should prompt immediate replacement. Cracks pose a security concern, let air escape and compromise the aesthetic appearance of the whole place. Dents and cracks can also be signs of poor structural integrity, which can have negative consequences in the future.

4. Noisy Doors

Do you notice excessive cracking, grinding, creaking, or straining noises from your doors? This is a sign of a deteriorating or failing door. A professional can inspect the door and get to the root course of the problem for better results.

Never take your business’s security lightly. Don’t compromise on quality if you need a new commercial door or replacements for existing ones. Contact us at South Florida Windows & Doors today for high-quality commercial door installation services.

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